World War 2 Air Raid Damage in Batley: Part 5 – O to P

In my post Batley’s First Air Raid – The Night of 12/13 December 1940, I wrote about the areas of Batley hit.

Since then I have pinpointed many of the affected buildings, houses and addresses, including a general summary of the damage inflicted on each property.

This is the fifth post with these details so you can identify if your home was part of this event in our local history; or if a home associated with your family history was affected. It covers street names starting with the letters O to P.

One note of caution, although many house numbers remain unchanged from that period, some may have undergone re-numbering in the intervening years. The numbers here are as they were during the war, not as they are today. Other houses have long gone.

Also, though hundreds of addresses are listed, I am aware from my earlier research that this is not the complete inventory – there are areas of Batley hit that night which are missing from the list.

Some final points to be aware of. I have detailed the information exactly as it was written, so the damage inventory columns are not consistent. For example ceiling damage sometimes comes under ‘contents’, at others under the ‘generally’ heading.

It is also clear this is not the complete story of damage inflicted. I am aware some buildings did suffer substantially more than is listed for them in the space-limited columns – for example gable ends needing rebuilding as a result of the air raid. 

And, to my mind, the list of contents ruined does appear suspiciously light. For example it is hard to believe that crockery and furniture in the majority of houses was undamaged given the structural damage listed. Again has space played a part? There are exceptions – in one detailed entry for an address in another post, although the contents were not listed in the space provided, they were an add-on insertion at the top of the page. It is hard to believe that contents in the majority of entries for other houses suffered no similar damage. I believe it is likely that individual household forms were completed initially and the information then collated and condensed on one form covering all addresses, meaning layers of detail being missed in this overall summary.

Anyway, good luck with locating your home. Don’t forget to scroll across the table to get the full details – there are columns detailing the property description, address, and an indication of the extent of damage (i.e. roof, walls, floors, contents and general damage). And do check my website as I continue to add more posts listing affected houses.

1 Oxford StreetWindow
House & Shop2 Oxford StreetWindow
4 Oxford StreetWindow
Shop & ?6 Oxford StreetWindow
7 Oxford StreetWindows
9 Oxford StreetWindows
House8 Oxford StreetWindows?
Shop & Bake[house?]10 Oxford StreetWindows
11 Oxford StreetWindows
12 Oxford StreetWindow
13 Oxford StreetWindows
15 Oxford StreetWindows
Fried Fish Shop16A Oxford StreetWindow
17 Oxford StreetWindows
3 Park RoadMany Slates CeilingWindows: Door
5 Park RoadMany Slates Ceiling, Carpet & BeddingFireplace
29 Prospect Terrace, Towngate RoadWindow
31 Prospect Terrace, Towngate RoadWindow
35 Prospect Terrace, Towngate RoadWindow
37 Prospect Terrace, Towngate RoadWindow
2 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
3 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
5 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
6 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
7 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
8 Purlwell Hall RoadEaves Gutter & Windows
9 Purlwell Hall RoadWindow
10 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
11 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
12 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
13 Purlwell Hall RoadDoorVent-Pipe: Windows
14 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
15 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
16 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingLock & Window
17 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
18 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
19 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
20 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
21 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
22 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesLock: Windows
23 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
24 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingWindows
25 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingWindows & Frame
26 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesCeilingsWindows
27 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows & Frame: Locks
28 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows & Frame
29 Purlwell Hall RoadCurtainsLocks: Windows
30 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingWindow
31 Purlwell Hall RoadCeiling: CurtainsDoors: Locks: Windows
32 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesCeilingWindows
33 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingsWindows
34 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingLocks: Windows
35 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterCeilings: VasesLocks: Doors: Windows
36 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesCeilingsWindows
37 Purlwell Hall RoadLight BowlsWindows & Frame: Lock
38 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterCeilingSet-Pot: Windows
39 Purlwell Hall RoadSlatesCeilingLocks: Windows & Frame
40 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterWindows
41 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates Ceiling: CurtainsLocks: Windows
42 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterCeilingWindows
43 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesDoor: Windows & Frames
44 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterCeilings Light BowlWindows & Frames: Flashing
45 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcDoors & Locks: Windows
46 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesCeilingsFireplaces: Door: Windows
47 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesCeiling: CurtainsDoors: Windows & Frame: Eaves Gutter
48 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcCeilingsLocks: Doors: Windows
49 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcCeilingLocks: Windows & Frame
50 Purlwell Hall RoadSlates & PurlinsPlasterCeilingsWindows and Frames: Door
51 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcCeilingsWindows & Frame: Door
52 Purlwell Hall RoadSlatesCeilingsWindow & Frame: Locks: Steps
53 Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcOrnamentLocks: Doors: Windows
54 Purlwell Hall RoadSlates & PurlinsPlasterCeilingsFireplaces: Doors: Windows
55 Purlwell Hall RoadMany SlatesPlasterCeilingsDoors: Windows & Frame
56 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
57 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilings & Wash-BasinLocks: Doors: Ornaments: Windows
58 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensiveHoledCeilingsExtensive
59 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensiveBulgedCeilingsExtensive
60 Purlwell Hall RoadDestroyedHoledCeilingsExtensive
61 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensiveBulgedDislodgedCeilingsExtensive
62 Purlwell Hall Road2DestroyedHoled part [rebuilt?]CeilingsExtensive
63 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensiveBulgedDislodgedCeilingsExtensive
64 Purlwell Hall Road3[?] Complete Destruction
65 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
66 Purlwell Hall Road3Complete Destruction
67 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
68 Purlwell Hall RoadPlasterCeilingsWindows & Frames: Lock
69 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
70 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
71 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
73 Purlwell Hall RoadExtensivePlasterCeilingsExtensive
79 Purlwell Hall RoadCeilingLocks: Windows
81 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
83 Purlwell Hall RoadWindows
75 Rocky Mount, Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcPlasterCeilingsWindows & Frames: Door
77 Rock Edge, Purlwell Hall RoadMany Slates etcCeilingsWindows & Frames: Door
Shop15 Purlwell LaneWindow
17 Purlwell LaneCeilingWindows
23 Purlwell LaneWindows
25 Purlwell LaneCeilingsWindow
27 Purlwell LaneMany SlatesWindows: Door
29 Purlwell LaneWindows: Fireplace
37 Purlwell LaneWindow
41 Purlwell LaneWindow
43 Purlwell LaneWindow
47 Purlwell LaneWindows
49 Purlwell LaneMany SlatesPlasterCeilingsLock: Windows
51 Purlwell LaneLocks & Windows
53 Purlwell LaneSoil Pipe & Fall-Pipe: Windows
54 Purlwell LaneWindows
55 Purlwell LaneMany SlatesLocks: Windows
56 Purlwell LaneWindows
57 Purlwell LaneWindows & Frame
58 Purlwell LaneWindows
59 Purlwell LaneWindows
Shop60 Purlwell LaneWindow
60A Purlwell LaneWindows
61 Purlwell LaneDoor: Windows
62 Purlwell LaneWindows
63 Purlwell LaneDoor: Windows
64 Purlwell LaneWindows
65 Purlwell LaneDoor: Windows
66 Purlwell LaneWindows
67 Purlwell LaneWindow
68 Purlwell LaneWindows
80 Purlwell LaneWindows
82 Purlwell LaneWindows
88A Purlwell LaneMany SlatesWindows
88 Purlwell Lane4
90 Purlwell LaneLocks: Door: Windows
92 Purlwell LaneCeilingWindows
94 Purlwell LaneWindows
96 Purlwell LaneWindows & Frame
98 Purlwell LaneWindows
100 Purlwell LaneWindows & Window [Citdies?]
102 Purlwell LaneMany SlatesLock: Windows
104 Purlwell LaneMany SlatesWindows
106 Purlwell LaneWindow
110 Purlwell LaneWindows
112 Purlwell LaneWindows
114 Purlwell LaneWindows
116 Purlwell LaneWindows
122 Purlwell LaneWindows
124 Purlwell LaneWindow
126 Purlwell LaneWindow
128 Purlwell LanePlasterWindow
130 Purlwell LaneWindow & Frame: Door
132 Purlwell LaneWindows
134 Purlwell LaneWindows
136 Purlwell LaneCeilingWindows
138 Purlwell LaneWindows
140 Purlwell LaneWindows
78 Croft House, Purlwell LaneWindows
Ivy Bank, Purlwell LaneWindows
Co-op Stores, Purlwell LaneSlatesWindow
Methodist Church, Purlwell LaneWindows
Data extracted from West Yorkshire Archive Services Ref KMT1/Box42/TB227 – This is only a portion of the information contained. I have not included owners, occupiers, rateable value etc.

For Part 1 – A to B see here.
For Part 2 – C to F see here.
For Part 3 – G to J see here.
For Part 4 – K to N see here.
For Part 6 – Q to T see here.

1. In this section of the list the ‘Description’ column is largely blank. The implication is these are houses, not business premises.
2. This building was also on a separate form where the only column relating to damage was “Indiction of Extent of Damage to Contents”. Other buildings on this form suffered complete destruction, so the implication is this was the fate of No62 too. It seems to be a form reserved for those buildings which suffered serious damage.
3. These buildings were on a different form where the only column relating to damage was “Indiction of Extent of Damage to Contents”. It seems to be a form reserved for those buildings which suffered serious damage.
4. 88 Purlwell Lane is squeezed in the list between the row entries for numbers 88A and 90. However no damage details have been included so it is unclear if these have been omitted, or if the damage is the same as for either 88A or 90.

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