1915, 17 July – Batley News

After last week’s marathon round-up of St Mary’s, this week’s Batley News was thin on parish news. As usual I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military. And, as ever, the spelling and punctuation matches that of the newspaper.

Court cases did feature parishioners, including absentees Michael Hopkins and Michael Brennan (despite the surname spelling discrepancy he was the younger brother of Dominick Brannan on the War Memorial), the former being on the War Memorial.

Batley Court – Monday.

There were 12 previous convictions against Margaret Brier,1 married, Victoria Street, Carlinghow, who was fined 26s. for being drunk and disorderly, and bound over to abstain from intoxicating liquors for 12 months.

Batley Court – Tuesday.

Michael Hopkins, Cross Cobden Street, Batley, absentee from the 2nd K.O.Y.L.I., detained till arrival of an escort.

Batley Court – Wednesday.

Michael Brennan, 45, Cobden Street, Batley, admitted being an absentee from the R.F.A., and was remanded to await an escort. When arrested he said he cam without a pass, and was not going back till after Dewsbury Feast. — Constable Shuttleworth was granted 5s. reward.

There was one parishioner in the death notices this week:

BRENNAN. —On the 13th inst., aged 5 years, John, son of Patrick Brennan, 10, Bank Upton Street.

1. Wife of Charles Henry Brier whose court appearance was covered in the 10 July 1915 Batley News.