School Log Books

In this section I will be adding transcripts of the St Mary of the Angels School Log Books, through to 1919.

A selection of the log books – Photo by Jane Roberts

The St Mary’s log books give a snapshot of school life during the period, including the everyday routine of a Catholic school in Victorian and Edwardian England, through to the early years of George V.

They illustrate the educational changes over these crucial years from the perspective of a school, as the shift towards a compulsory system took place and bedded in.

They show how the school grew, the challenges its staff and pupils faced, how education developed, and how events in school were integrally linked to local and national events in this turbulent and fast-changing period of our history. They also demonstrate how Catholic school life was inextricably interwoven with the church.

Above all these log books are the history of the children who passed through the school, our ancestors; and the staff who taught and moulded them. They are part and parcel of the history of St Mary of the Angels parish.

With huge thanks to the school for entrusting me with the huge privilege of recording this history.