1. During This Week – Newspaper Index

I want to make navigating this one-place study site as easy as possible, so those with parish connections can easily find their ancestors. With this in mind I’ve devised a basic index to names, or general parish pieces, in the newspapers for the During This Week section. That way you can quickly find stories relating to your ancestors, without having to trawl through all the newspapers in the hope of finding a mention.

Spellings may not necessarily be as expected, so do check all surname variations (e.g. Groark/Rourke, Brennan/Brannan/Brannen, Mc or Mac surname prefixes etc).

If you see a relevant surname it pays to check, even if the Christian name is not a match. For example infant deaths are recorded under the child’s name, but the full piece will contain more family details.

War Memorial men are in bold. Although do note that their names may also be shared with other men in the parish, so not all will relate to the men on the Memorial.

I have added hyper-links to the relevant newspaper so you can quickly access it. If any do not work, please let me know. And if you spot any oversights in the index, again please let me know.