1915, 7 August – Batley News

In the week which marked the first anniversary of the war, this is a round-up of pieces from the Batley News relating to the parishioners of St Mary’s. As usual I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military. And, as ever, the spelling and punctuation matches that of the newspaper.

The Death Notices column contained the following parish-linked death announcement:

GAVAGHAN. —On the 3rd inst., aged two years, James, son of James Gavaghan, 20 North Street.

This week a major recruiting campaign took place. Several men associated with the parish enlisted. I have picked out the relevant St Mary’s names from the article below:

Effect of This Week’s Campaign
Single Young Men Rising to the Occasion

Up to noon to-day there had been 32 enlistments at Batley Recruiting Office this week, and others were being attested by Sergeant Powell (who has charge of the office), under the direction of Major T. H. Newsome, V.D. With the exception of about half-a-dozen, the recruits are single men.


Thomas Finneran (27), collier, Batley, Liverpool Regiment.
Michael Boyle (25), mason’s labourer, Aughmore [sic], Mayo, Irish Guards.
Peter Gavaghan (19), labourer, Batley, Seaforth Highlanders.
Michael Hodgkins (19), labourer, Batley, Seaforth Highlanders.
John McNamara (39), miner, Haghfield [sic], Mayo, K.O.Y.L.I.
Joseph Skelly (28), groom, Batley, R.F.A.