1915, 13 March – Batley News

This is a round-up of pieces from the Batley News relating to the parishioners of St Mary’s. As usual I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military. Spellings and punctuation are identical to those in the newspaper.

There were a couple of items relating to the parish from Batley Court this week.

Batley Court – Wednesday.

James Gallagher, labourer, Cobden Street, Batley, admitted being absent from the K.O.Y.L.I.’s stationed at York, since March 8th. Remanded for an escort.

The second read as follows:


…SOLDIER IN PAIN. —Michael Joseph Toohey, millhand, Staincliffe, denied and allegation that he was a deserter from the 3rd York and Lancaster Regiment since February 17th. He said he waited for five weeks for his discharge from the Army, because of injuries to his hand; and then, because he had so much pain, he came home for an operation. On the following day his discharge – recommended by the Medical Board – was confirmed by the authorities. —Ordered to await an escort. Mr. W. J. Ineson, advising defendant to repeat his explanation to the military authorities. —Inspector Ripley said the Bench had power to grant a reward to the officer making the arrest of a deserter. —The Clerk (Mr. J. H. Wilman): But there was no difficulty about making the arrest. —The Inspector: That does not matter. —Mr. T. W. Collett said the officer who made the arrest (Constable Shuttleworth) would be awarded 5s.

There was also more news of the Batley Ambulance Brigade men:

Since leaving Batley to serve their King and Country in connection with ambulance work with the Naval Reserve, the following members of Batley Ambulance Brigade have received promotion: Corporal H. Hudson (to be sergeant), Corporal P. Mara (sergeant), Private J. Marsden and J. Kelly (corporals).


FIVE COMPANIONS of the Naval Sick Berth Reserve men who visited Batley last week, and related many interesting and exciting adventures to the “News,” have been in Batley since Monday and return to work to-morrow. They include Corpl. J. Kelly, Privates T. Chappell, G. Markey, R. Pride, and M. Atkinson. These men have been with last week’s visitors since the beginning of the war, and shared the experiences related last week concerning a hospital train and ship, and life at a French coast town which was a raided several times by German aeroplanes.