1915, 27 November – Batley News

This is a round-up of pieces from this week’s Batley News relating to the parishioners of St Mary’s. As usual I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military. And, as ever, the spelling and punctuation matches that of the newspaper.

Two unnamed boys, clearly Catholic, were before the Children’s Court this week.

Batley and Carlinghow Lads Steal Cigars and Chocolate

A 15-years-old Batley lad and a 13-years-old Carlinghow lad were accused in the Children’s Court of entering two lock-up shops and stealing cigars, etc.

Tom Broadbent, confectioner at the bottom of Carlinghow Field Hill, said he locked up his shop on Saturday night, but about 12.45 noon on Sunday, he was called there, and saw prisoners. They ran away, but he overtook them, and when told to return any stolen goods, they gave him cigars and chocolate. In addition, they brought out of their pockets some cigars which were not from his stock.

Both lads pleaded guilty. Their fathers said both had been sent to morning mass, and the parents thought they were there.

In the second case, William Lovell, hairdresser, Bradford Road, Carlinghow, said he locked up his shop at 11.30 p.m. on Saturday, and about 1.20 p.m. on Sunday visited the place, but, being in a hurry, did not notice anything wrong. Later, however, he found the shop had been entered by the cellar kitchen window, the bolt having been wrenched, and the window was open. Twelve cigars and two combs, valued at 3s. 3d. were missing.

The lads admitted the thefts, but did not offer any explanation.

Inspector Ripley said there had not been any previous complaints about defendants.

The lads were bound over, in charge of Mr. J. Gladwin (probation officer) for 12 months; the parents to pay 16s. costs and 4s. witnesses’ fees.

Mr Joe Auty: The fathers should not say “Go to church,” but “Come” to church. It is a practice which pays,

The death notices contained two relevant to the parish:

KENNEDY. —On the 20th inst., aged 14 months, John, son of John Kennedy 22, Villiers Street.

LYONS. —On the 23rd inst., aged 63 years, Mary Lyons, 49, Cobden Street.

In church news, the following piece appeared:

At St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church on Sunday, the Bishop of Leeds (Dr. J. R. Cowbill) made his periodical visitation, and in the afternoon administered Confirmation to over 200 children. His homely address of counsel was closely followed by the youngsters, in whose welfare he is deeply interested. At the evening service the Bishop gave the Pontifical Benediction.

A photograph was published of local lads with the 2/4th K.O.Y.L.I. They were described as “now training at Clipstone Park, one of the finest camps in England, the huts having electric light.” In their numbers was St Mary’s man John William Callaghan, identified as the first person on the left on the second row from the back.