1916, 22 April – Batley News

The Batley News contained four pieces relating to the parish and parishioners of St Mary’s. As usual I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military. And, as ever, the spelling and punctuation matches that of the newspaper.

Robert Randerson featured, in connection with a film being shown locally.

Batley Picture Palace

Mr. Riley has a good idea what his patrons desire, and this week submits a popular picture, viz., the “Past v. Present” Batley football match, which toook place at Mount Pleasant in February, 1914. In view of the manner in which the Batley players have answered the call to the Colours, and the deplorable death of Lieut. “Bob” Randerson1 and Private “Jack” Tindall, the film has a special interest. The onlooker can see the players running about the field, and can easily imagine that he is watching the memorable match….

Sport available on TV 24/7 is taken for granted, so it is difficult for us to imagine how novel this cinematographic experience was.

There was one parish-linked death in the family notices:

BURKE. —On the 17th inst., aged 72 years, Martin Burke, 4, Mayman Lane.

Following the jam-jar craze, referred to in the paper of 11 March 1916, the “News” published results of a new fund-raiser:

Batley school children have finished their medicine-bottle collection, and if the results are not so high (over £30) as in the recent jam-jar crusade, a useful sum is expected from the sale of 3,289 bottles, brought in from the following schools: Purlwell 1,108, Carlinghow 852, Park Road 307, Batley C.E. 228, Mill Lane 186, Warwick Road 157, Staincliffe 139, Gregory Street 90, St. Mary’s 71, Brownhill 59, Field Lane 46, Healey 40, and Hanging Heaton 6.

Finally for this week’s look at the Batley News there was a court case of relevance:

Batley Court – Monday.

Thomas Gavaghan, miner, Cross Cobden Street, Batley, with six previous convictions, was fined 30s. for drunkenness and disorderly conduct on April 8th and 9th.

1. His rank was Captain not Lieutenant.