Biographies: Those who Served and Survived

This is the area of my Batley St Mary’s One-Place Study website where I will share the stories of men from the parish who served in the First World War and returned home.

So far the following have been identified.

  • Mark Brannan;
  • Peter Brennan;
  • Thomas Carney;
  • George Henry Chappell;
  • John Chappell;
  • Thomas Chappell;
  • George Delaney;
  • James Delaney;
  • James Fitzpatrick;
  • John Fitzpatrick [poss?];
  • Michael Foley;
  • Michael Hannan;
  • John Holmes;
  • John Edward Kilroy;
  • James Kelly;
  • John William Kelly;
  • Joseph Kelly;
  • James (Jimmy) Edward Lyons;
  • John Lyon(s);
  • Michael Lyons;
  • Edward McDonald;
  • James McDonald;
  • Matthew McDonald;
  • Cecil Manning;
  • Michael Manning;
  • James Murphy;
  • Tom Nolan;
  • Michael Phillips;
  • Albert Stubley;
  • Joseph Walton [poss?];

As research progresses this list will be updated, and biographies added.