Cemetery and Memorial Details

Table 1 below details the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Cemeteries and Memorials where the St Mary’s War Memorial men are buried or commemorated. Spellings and other information are as per the CWGC records. Where the CWGC use only initial for Christian names, I have included the full name in square brackets. Any other major discrepancies in detail are highlighted in the footnotes.

Table 1:

Cemetery /MemorialRefName/Number/Unit (Bn/Regt)Death Date
Albuera Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceNorth D.28Patrick Cafferty, 16972, 6th KOYLI23 Jul 1916
Amara War Cemetery, IraqXX1.A.17T(homas) Dolan, 19459, 2nd Leicestershire29 Jan 1917
Arras Memorial, Pas de Calais, FranceBay 1Richard Carrolwalsh,1 KX/305, Howe Bn, Royal Naval Division24 Mar 1918
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery, Somme, FranceII.A.14W[illiam] McManus,2 132062, 252nd Tunnelling Coy, Royal Engineers 2 Mar 1916
Authuile Military Cemetery, Somme, FranceI.13Willie3 Barber, 1737, 1st/4th KOYLI22/23 Jul 1916
Bard Cottage Cemetery, West-Vlaandaren, BelgiumI. I. 21Thomas Donlan, 2084, D Coy, 1st/4th KOYLI9 Nov 1915
I.I.20M[artin] Carney, 3419, 1st/4th KOYLI11 Nov 1915
I.H.12T[homas] Gavaghan, 3917, 1st/4th KOYLI28 Dec 1915
Basra Memorial, IraqPanel 12James Rush, 19458, 2nd Leicestershire 6 Apr 1916
Panel 5 & 61John Thomas Connelly, WR/600740, Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport5 Nov 1918
Batley CemeteryH. 710A[ustin] Noland,4 1442, 4th KOYLI22 Aug 1914
O. “U.” 525Edmund Battye, 2067, 1st/4th KOYLI19 Feb 1915
O. 462J[ames] Foley, 17821, 10th KOYLI3 Nov 1915
O. 433L[awrence] Carney, 11760, 2nd KOYLI28 Sept 1916
B.”U.” 36Harold Gaunt, 13680/DA, HM Motor Launch Section 511, RN Reserve17 Oct 1918
O. 436M[ichael] Hunt, 4436, 3rd/4th KOYLI, Secondary Unit Labour Corps, Service Number 51758917/19 Apr 1919
O. 461 (Not CWGC)William Kelly, 79645, 5th West Yorkshire Regiment12 Sept 1918
Batoumi British Cemetery, Screen Wall, GeorgiaJ[ames] Collins, 35553, 2nd Duke of Cornwall’s L.I.16 Jan 1919
Becourt Military Cemetery, Somme, FranceI.R.17M[ichael] Horan, 19681, 10th York & Lancaster 3 Jul 1916
Blauwepoort Farm Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumB.8M[oses] Stubley, 290, 2nd KOYLI24 April 1915
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceVIII.C.185Arthur William Bayldon Woodhead,5 S/43194, 2nd Seaforth Highlanders30 Dec 1916
Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceV.C.1Clement Manning, 22862, No 1 Coy, 3rd Bn Grenadier Guards22 Aug 1918
III.J.23T[homas] Maloney, 200852, 1st/4th KOYLI19 Oct 1918
Buzancy Military Cemetery, Aisne, FranceI.B.9Peter Gavaghan, 21115, 7th/8th King’s Own Scottish Borderers23 Jul 1918 or 5 Aug 19186
Cambrai Memorial, Nord, FrancePanel 8W[illiam] Lynch, 39565, 7th KOYLI20 Nov 1917
Cologne Southern Cemetery, GermanyXI.G.4J[oseph] Guider, 24690, 13th Yorkshire 9 Sept 1918
Courmas British Cemetery, Marne, FranceI.E.1J[ohn] W Callaghan, 200274, 2nd/4th KOYLI20 Jul 1918
Coxyde Military Cemetery, West- Vlaanderen, BelgiumI.K.29L[awrence] Judge, 200877, 1st/4th KOYLI24 Jul 1917
Dernacourt Communal Cemetery Extension, Somme, FranceIII.J.17James Hughes, 203612, 4th South Staffordshire 28 Jan 1918
Doiran Military Cemetery, GreeceVI.J.10D[ominick] Brannan, 7/64060, C Coy, 7th South Wales Borderers18 Sept 1918
Englebelmer Communal Cemetery, Somme, FranceI.A.1J[ames] Gavaghan, 17/1018, 1st West Yorkshire10 Aug 1916
Gordon Dump Cemetery, Somme, FranceVII.B.5H[erbert] Booth, 16960, 9th KOYLI1 Jul 1916
V.K.4M[ichael] Hopkins, 3/866, 9th KOYLI1 Jul 1916
Heilly Station Cemetery, Somme, FranceI.B.34J[ames] Trainer,7 10926, 11th KOYLI (or 10th), 3 Jul 1916
Hellas Memorial, Turkey (incl. Gallipoli)Panel 171-173James Griffin, 10902, 6th York & Lancaster9 Aug 1915
Knightsbridge Cemetery, Somme, FranceD.52John Brooks,8 20439,9 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers1 Jul 1916
La Kreule Military Cemetery, Nord, FranceIII.A.12J[ames] Edwards, 14186, 9th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)22 Jul 1918
Lala Baba Cemetery, Turkey (incl. Gallipoli)II.C.9Robert Randerson, 6th Yorkshire, 7 Aug 1915
Le Touret Memorial , Pas de Calais, FrancePanel 6-8George Brannen,10 6256, B Coy, 1st King’s Liverpool19 May 1915
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumXIX.A.2H[enry] Groak,11 18810, 8th KOYLI19 Sept 1917
XXVII.D.1APatrick Lyons, 235098, 1st/5th KOYLI6 Dec 1917

Loos Memorial, Pas de Calais, France
Panel 97 & 98Patrick Colleran 3/3122, 10th KOYLI27 Sept 1915
Panel 9 & 10Patrick Neafsy,12 6534, 2nd Irish Guards27 Sept 1915
Panel 20-22Michael Brannan, 20898, 2nd Northumberland Fusiliers2 Oct 1915
Mangochi Town Cemetery, Malawi29Walter James Hughes,13 210701, 4th Res KOYLI, attd 1st King’s African Rifles12 Dec 1918
Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Nord, FranceIII.C.6Peter Dougherty,14 56091, 10th West Yorkshire 20 Oct 1918
Noyelles-Sur-L’Escaut Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, FranceII.A.7John William Enwright,15 27610, 1st/8th West Yorkshire27 Sept 1918
Ploegsteert Memorial, Hainaut, BelgiumPanel 8James Groark, 19677, 13th York & Lancaster12 Apr 1918
Poperinghe Old Military Cemetery, West Vlaanderen, BelgiumII.O.14T[homas] Foley D.C.M., 7114, 1st Cheshire11 Mar 1915
II.N.46M[ichael] J Flynn,16 15338, 2nd KOYLI12 Apr 1915
Pozieres Memorial, Somme, FrancePanel 59 & 60Fred[erick] Byrne,17 15095, 9th KOYLI22 Mar 1918
Ramillies British Cemetery, Nord, FranceC1John Commons, 3030177, 58th Canadian Infantry (2nd Central Ontario Regt)1 Oct 1918
Ramscappelle Road Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumI.B.7J J Lynch,18 4/6203, 1st/5th West Yorkshire21 Jul 1917
Savy British Cemetery, Aisne, France1.J.19P[atrick] Gallagher, 3/921, 2nd KOYLI3 Apr 1917
St Sever Cemetery Extension, Seine Maritime, FranceB.29.9M[ichael] Cafferty, 17/1039, 17th West Yorkshire1 Aug 1916
O.I.I.2T[homas] Curley, 1578, 8th KOYLI28 Oct 1916
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, FrancePier & Face 2A, 2C & 2DEdward Barber, 18/744, 18th West Yorkshire1 Jul 1916
Pier & Face 11C & 12AJames Garner, 10542, 10th KOYLI1 Jul 1916
Pier & Face 4A & 4DJohn Lyons, 21254, 1st King’s Own Scottish Borderers1 Jul 1916
Pier & Face 2A, 2C & 2DEdward Leonard, 2202, 1st/8th West Yorkshire 2 Jul 1916
Pier & Face 11C & 12AThomas William Chappell,19 1546, 1st/4th KOYLI5 Jul 1916
Pier & Face 1D, 8B & 8CThomas Finneran, 30963, 1st King’s Liverpool8 Aug 1916
Pier & Face 2A, 2C & 2DJoseph Gavaghan, 17/1018, 17th West Yorkshire25 Aug 1916
Pier & Face 6A & 6BMichael James O’Hara,20 5634, 1st/4th Duke of Wellington’s [West Riding)3 Sept 1916
Pier & Face 11C & 12AMartin Gallagher, 11573, 6th KOYLI15 Sept 1916
Pier & Face 11C & 12AThomas McNamara, 3/3131, 7th KOYLI20 Sept 1916
Pier & Face 4DPatrick Hopkins, 20889, 9th Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)22 Oct 1916
Tyne Cot Memorial, West-VlaanderenPanel 63-65Horace Lee, 53641, 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers1 Oct 1917
Panel 108-111John Leech, 34341, 1st/4th KOYLI13 Apr 1918
Panel 108-111Willie21 Hargreaves, 202426, 1st/4th KOYLI28 Apr 1918
Villers-Bretonneux Military Cemetery, Somme, FranceXIII.AA.5William Colbeck, WR/271620, 264th Railway Coy,22 Royal Engineers6 Nov 1918
Vis-En-Artois British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceV.G.12Michael Lydon, 48517, 2nd Yorkshire1 Sept 1918
Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceIII.D.12P[eter] Gavaghan, 3539, 1st/4th KOYLI3 Nov 1916
Wellington Cemetery, Nord, FranceI.E.3M[ichael] Cunningham, 240953, 1st/7th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding)11 Oct 1918
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-VlaandarenPanel 19 & 33Michael Rourke,23 6093, 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers16 Jun 1915
Zuydcoote Military Cemetery, Nord, FranceI.G.23M[athew] Farrer,24 33525, 11th Border3 Oct 1917

Table 2 is the corresponding information for those men identified as having a connection with the parish who are not named on the War Memorial. Where the CWGC only have initials, I have put their full names in square brackets.

Table 2:

Cemetery/MemorialRefName/Number/Unit (Bn/Regt)Death Date
Batley CemeteryB.”U.” 479J[oseph] E[dward] Munns, 1039, 12th KOYLI7 Jan 192125
R. 298W[illiam] F[rederick] Townsend, Tyneside Z/5695, HMS Pembroke, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve6 Nov 1918
Coxyde Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumI.C.13Samuel Gooder, 38619, 2nd KOYLI30 Jun 1917
Hill 10 Cemetery, Turkey (incl Gallipoli)Sp. Mem. 37J[ames] Healey, 10623, 8th Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding)9 Aug 1915
Le Touret Memorial, Pas de Calais, FrancePanel 10 & 11Reginald Roberts, 7890, 1st Bedfordshire9 Nov 1914
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, West- Vlaanderen, BelgiumIII.A.3AJ[ohn] Collins, 7472, 1st West Yorkshire 31 Jul 1915
New Irish Farm Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumVI.D.12S[am] Sykes, 11371, 6th KOYLI28 Jan 1916
Roclincourt Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, FranceVI.C.1Dominick Dan Jordan, 697074, 50th Bn Canadian Infantry25 April 1918
Thiepval Memorial, Somme, FrancePier & Face 11C and 12AThomas Redgwick, 311273, 2nd KOYLI1 Jul 1916
Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumPanel 47Thomas Gannon, 3/2034, 2nd KOYLI18 Apr 1915
Panel 47Herbert Hardy, 11732, 2nd KOYLI7 May 1915
Panel 47Robert Hirst, 11718, 6th KOYLI24 Sept 1915

I will break down the information later, and this will eventually feature in the Stats and Analysis section of the One-Place Study.

1. Carroll Walsh on St Mary’s War Memorial;
2. William Townsend on St Mary’s War Memorial
3. William on St Mary’s War Memorial;
4. Nolan
5. Arthur B Woodhead on St Mary’s War Memorial
6. There is confusion over this date. The CWGC state 5 August, whereas other records indicate 23 July;
7. Trainor on St Mary’s War Memorial;
8. Brooks on St Mary’s War Memorial;
9. Service Number is 20429 elsewhere, e.g. Medal Award Rolls, Soldiers Died in the Great War, Pension records etc.;
10. Dominick Brannan on St Mary’s War Memorial;
11. Groark on St Mary’s War Memorial;
12. Naifsey on St Mary’s War Memorial;
13. Walter Hughes on St Mary’s War Memorial;
14. Doherty on St Mary’s War Memorial;
15. John W Enright on St Mary’s War Memorial;
16. Michael Flynn on St Mary’s War Memorial;
17. Frederick Byrnes on St Mary’s War Memorial;
18. John T Lynch on St Mary’s War Memorial;
19. Thomas W Chappell on St Mary’s War Memorial;
20. Michael J O’Hora on St Mary’s War Memorial;
21. William on St Mary’s War Memorial;
22. The CWGC on their main database state 26th Railway Company. However drill down on the website, and on other records, this should be 264 Railway Company;
23. Michael Groark on St Mary’s War Memorial;
24. Mathew Farrer on St Mary’s War Memorial;
25. Some sources, e.g. newspaper death notices, indicate 8 January.