1915, 9 January – Batley News

There was only one news item relevant to St Mary’s in this week’s edition of the Batley News. It concerned two sets of brothers: Richard Carroll Walsh and his brother Stephen Walsh; and Cecil Manning, on board the HMS Berwick, and his brother Michael William Manning, a prisoner of war.

One Quartered near Lonsdale, the Man Sentenced to Death.

Messrs. Carrol Walsh (Marines) and Stephen Walsh, R.F.A., of Brownhill Road, Batley, are at home on a few days’ leave. Seaman Walsh was in the fighting around Antwerp, and is anxious to get back to the scene of operations. He gave the “News” and exclusive account of the Belgian port’s bombardment – one of the first descriptions issued in this country – a few days after the affair.

Mr. Cecil Manning, son of Mr. and Mrs. Manning, Blocks, Carlinghow, now serving on a warship, has written home as follows:- “I arrived in England on the 3rd. Do not send any more papers to the —-, as I shall be home for a few days. I am in the best of health. Do not write again until I notify you.” Mr. And Mrs. Manning have not seen their son for two years, and his visit is anxiously awaited. Another son, Seman M. W. Manning, Royal Marines, is a prisoner of war at Doberitz, and it is understood that he is quartered in the tent next but one to Private Lonsdale,1 the unfortunate Leeds soldier sentenced to death on an allegation of striking a German officer.

1. Private William Lonsdale of the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment), a prisoner of war, was involved in an incident on 9 November 1914 for which he received the death sentence. This was later commuted to imprisonment. More details about him are here.