1914, 19 September – Batley News

The round-up of pieces from the Batley News directly relating to the parishioners of St Mary’s is exceptionally brief this week, limited to a couple of death notices. As before, I have put in bold the names of those connected to the parish who served with the military.

In a mark of the times Tuesday 15 September had seen what the paper described as

…probably the most remarkable Feast known since the inauguration of September holidays in Batley. Instead of silent mills and darkened workshop windows, train-loads of merry home-coming holiday-makers and light-hearted folk generally, there were factories lit up, working at full pressure to fulfil Army orders.”

And so to the Death Notices regarding two St Mary’s parishioners. The first announced the death on 16 September of 59-year-old Ann Finneran (the newspaper spelling was Finnerham) of 30, Hume Street. She was the mother of Thomas Finneran. He would be one of those later named on the St Mary’s War Memorial.

The other death also occurred on 16 September. This was eight month old Margaret Hargreaves, daughter of Joseph Ellis Hargreaves of 38, New Street.