Boys’ School – Log Book, 1913

A Selection of School Log Books

Dimensions of Class-rooms.
Class I. 22’ 2” by 25’
Class II. 22’ 7” by 25’
Class III. 22’ 6” by 26’. This class-room is partitioned off from the Mixed Department

April 1st
The boys of standards IV, V, VI & VII were taken from the Mixed Department and placed in the Boys’ School – a new department.
Standards IV & V formed one class with Mr Randerson as teacher.1
Standards VI & VII remained in charge of the Headmistress of the Mixed Department until the Headmaster took charge of the Boys’ Department on May 1st.2
A temporary scheme of work was followed.

May 1.
Ascension Thursday. School closed all day.

May 2
Mr Robert Randerson. Trained. Certified 1912. Assistant Teacher
Mr Joseph Hynes. Trained. Certified 1910. Head Teacher.

1Standard VIIMr Hynes
Standard VIMr Hynes
2Standard VMr Randerson
Standard IVMr Randerson

The Reverend Father Lea (Correspondent) and Mr Danby (Director of Education) visited the school.

May 9.
School closed at noon for Whitsuntide Holidays which continued until the morning of May 19.

May 30.
Apparatus arrived – Readers, atlasses, science, exercise books.

June 20.
Mr Grogan (Manager) visited the school.

July 253
Midsummer Holidays 25.7.13 to 22.8.13

July 7.
Examined the Registers & found them correct. J. J. Lea.

July 21st.
His Majesty’s Inspector, Mr Haler visited the department in the morning and in the afternoon.

July 23rd.
Headmaster away July 23rd, July 24th, July 25th, by permission.

Checked registers. G. R. H. Danby.

Checked registers. G. R. H. Danby
Herbert North

Registers checked J. J. Lea

Nov. 10th.
Holiday morning and afternoon for the installation of the Mayor.

Nov. 17th.
Second term tests commenced.

Nov. 24th
The Reverend Father Lea (Correspondent) gave notification that the Manager and the Education Committee were arranging for the boys of Standard III (Mixed Department) to be transferred to this Department on December 1st.

Dec. 1st.
The boys of Standard III (Mixed Department) were transferred to this school.
The Standards were arranged as follows:-

2.III25Mr Randerson
IV22Mr Randerson
1.V12Mr Hynes
VI & VII22Mr Hynes

Mr Danby (Director of Education) visited the school.

Dec. 23rd.
Twenty boys secured certificates of proficiency in swimming.
School closed at 4 p.m. for the Christmas Holidays which continued until the morning of January 8th 1914.

1. Robert Randerson was killed in action on 7 August 1915. His biography can be found here.
2. Standards do not correspond to year groups. Children progressed through the standards on merit not age, and many children did not complete all the grades.
3. Although it appears out of sequence this is the date as written in the log book.