Biographies: Men Associated with St Mary’s Who Died but Who Are Not on the Memorial

This is the area of my site where I will post the mini biographies of men who lost their lives, and were associated with the parish of St Mary of the Angels, but who are not on the Memorial.

It is hoped this will include the husbands of Catholics, as well as those men born in the parish but who subsequently left. Perhaps even those who died but who had no parish family connections remaining in Batley to put their names forward.

So far the following have been identified:

  • John Collins – Catholic;
  • Thomas Gannon – Catholic;
  • Samuel Gooder – husband of a Catholic;
  • John Digby Grimshaw;
  • Herbert Hardy – husband of a Catholic, step-father of Michael Cunningham;
  • James Healey – Catholic;
  • Robert Henry Hirst – husband of a Catholic;
  • Alexander Jessop – Catholic convert, family believed he died in the War but his death is a mystery. No definitive service details or date of death. He was accepted for Batley War Memorial
  • Dominick Dan Jordan – Irish Catholic, briefly lived in the parish, whose brother and sister were St Mary’s parishioners;
  • Joseph Edward Munns – Catholic;
  • Thomas Redgwick – went to St Mary’s school, mother Mary Ann Cafferty
  • Reginald Roberts – husband of a Catholic;
  • Sam Sykes – Catholic, baptised at Heckmondwike, but living in St Mary’s parish;
  • William Frederick Townsend – Catholic.