Biographies: The War Memorial Men

This is the area of my site where the mini biographies of the men will be posted.

The names of those commemorated on the War Memorial are as follows:

Panel 1
Herbert Booth
Frederick Byrnes
Michael Brannan
John Brooks
Dominick Brannan
Dominick Brannan
Edmund Battye

Panel 2
William Barber
Edward Barber
Thomas Curley
Patrick Colleran
Patrick Cafferty
Michael Cafferty
Lawrence Carney

Panel 3
Martin Carney
John W. Callaghan
William Colbeck
Michael Cunningham
John T. Connolly
James Collins
John Commons

Panel 4
Thomas W. Chappell
Thomas Dolan
Peter Doherty
Thomas Donlan
John W. Enright
James Edwards
Mathew Farrer

Panel 5
Michael Flynn
Thomas Finneran
Thomas Foley
James Foley
James Groark
Michael Groark
Henry Groark

Panel 6
Joseph Guider
Peter Gavaghan
Joseph Gavaghan
Thomas Gavaghan
Peter Gavaghan
James Gavaghan
Martin Gallagher

Panel 7
Patrick Gallagher
James Griffin
Harold Gaunt
James Garner
James Hughes
Walter Hughes
William Hargreaves

Panel 8
Michael Horan
Michael Hopkins
Patrick Hopkins
Michael Hunt
Lawrence Judge
William Kelly
Edward Leonard

Panel 9
Michael Lydon
John Leech
John T. Lynch
William Lynch
Horace Lee
John Lyons
Patrick Lyons

Panel 10
Thomas Maloney
Clement Manning
Thomas McNamara
Austin Nolan
Patrick Naifsey
Michael J. O’Hora
James Rush

Panel 11
Robert Randerson
Moses Stubley
William Townsend
James Trainor
R. Carroll Walsh
Arthur B. Woodhead

The spellings are as per the War Memorial. And some names are not the ones under which the men served. But more of that in the biographies.

One of the War Memorial panels – Photo by Jane Roberts