World War 2 Air Raid Damage in Batley: Part 2 – C to F

In my post Batley’s First Air Raid – The Night of 12/13 December 1940, I wrote about the areas of Batley hit.

Since then I have pinpointed many of the affected buildings, houses and addresses, including a general summary of the damage inflicted on each property.

This is the second post with these details so you can identify if your home was part of this event in our local history; or if a home associated with your family history was affected. It covers street names from C to F.

One note of caution, although many house numbers remain unchanged from that period, some may have undergone re-numbering in the intervening years (e.g. potentially Deighton Lane, looking at the current numbering/house names and cross-matching to the house names/numbers on the air raid damage list, and also looking at OS maps for the period).1 The numbers here are as they were during the war, not as they are today. Other houses have long gone.

Also, though hundreds of addresses are listed, I am aware from my earlier research that this is not the complete inventory – there are areas of Batley hit that night which are missing from the list.

Some final points to be aware of. I have detailed the information exactly as it was written, so the damage inventory columns are not consistent. For example ceiling damage sometimes comes under ‘contents’, at others under the ‘generally’ heading.

It is also clear this is not the complete story of damage inflicted. I am aware some buildings did suffer substantially more than is listed for them in the space-limited columns – for example gable ends needing rebuilding as a result of the air raid.

And, to my mind, the list of contents ruined does appear suspiciously light. For example it is hard to believe that crockery and furniture in the majority of houses was undamaged given the structural damage listed. Again has space played a part? There are exceptions – in one detailed entry for an address in another post, although the contents were not listed in the space provided, they were an add-on insertion at the top of the page. It is hard to believe that contents in the majority of entries for other houses suffered no similar damage. I believe it is likely that individual household forms were completed initially and the information then collated and condensed on one form covering all addresses, meaning layers of detail being missed in this overall summary.

Anyway, good luck with locating your home. Don’t forget to scroll across the table to get the full details – there are columns detailing the property description, address, and an indication of the extent of damage (i.e. roof, walls, floors, contents and general damage). And do check my website as I continue to add more posts listing affected houses.

Caledonia Road, J E Etherington LtdNot known2
HouseOak Cottage, Caledonia RoadMany slates
Public BathsCambridge StreetMany slates
House22 Carlinghow LaneWindow
House8 Cedar GroveWindow
House35 Chaster StreetWindow
House41 Chaster StreetWindow
House45 Chaster StreetWindow
House98 Chaster StreetWindows
House100 Chaster StreetWindows
House102 Chaster StreetWindows
House104 Chaster StreetWindows
House106 Chaster StreetWindow
House108 Chaster StreetWindows
House110 Chaster StreetWindows
House14 Clarence StreetMany slatesCeiling
House27 Cobden StreetWindow
House2 Colbeck Avenue3 slates offWindows
House3 Colbeck Avenue3 slates offWindow
House4 Colbeck Avenue12 slates offPlasterWiringWindow
House5 Colbeck Avenue2 slates offWindow
House6 Colbeck Avenue3 slates offCeilings & Windows
House7 Colbeck AvenueWindows
House9 Colbeck Avenue1 Ceiling & Windows
House11 Colbeck AvenueSlightChimney pot & Windows
House12 Colbeck AvenueWindows
House1 Colbeck TerraceSlight1 Ceiling & Windows
House 2 Colbeck TerraceWindows
House3 Colbeck TerraceSlight
House4 Colbeck TerraceLight BowlWindows
House5 Colbeck TerraceSlightWindows
House6 Colbeck TerraceWindows
House7 Colbeck TerraceSlightWindows
House8 Colbeck TerraceWindows
House9 Colbeck TerraceSlightDoor LockWindows
House10 Colbeck TerraceWindows
House11 Colbeck TerraceSlight
House12 Colbeck TerraceWindows
Shop25 Commercial StreetWindow
Electricity ShowroomsCommercial Street60?
House94 CommonsideWindow
House33 Crescent StreetWindow
House8 Cross Bank RoadWindow
House62 Cross Bank RoadWindow
House45 Cross Park StreetMany slatesBurntCeilingWindow
House18 Dark LaneWindow
House20 Dark LaneWindow
House22 Dark LaneWindow
House25 Dark LaneWindows
House45 Dark Lane CeilingsWindows
House55 Dark Lane Windows
House2 Deighton LaneSlightWindows
House4 Deighton LaneCeiling
House6 Deighton LaneCeiling & Window
House8 Deighton LaneCeiling & Windows
House10 Deighton LaneDoor LockWindows
House12 Deighton LaneWindow
House14 Deighton LaneWindow
House16 Deighton House, Deighton LaneSlightCeiling
House18 Deighton LaneWindow
House25 Deighton LaneMany slates1 Ceiling
House28 Deighton LaneSlightHouse & Greenhouse Windows
House29 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows
House31 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows
House36 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindow
House38 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindow
House42 Deighton LaneMany SlatesCeiling
House44 Deighton LaneMany SlatesCeilings & Windows
House45 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows
House46 Deighton LaneWindows & Garage
House47 Deighton LaneMany TilesWindows
House51 Holmleigh, Deighton LaneWindow & Garage Roof
House49 Deighton LaneMany Tiles
House53 Deighton LaneWindow
House55 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindow, Greenhouse & Garage
House57 Deighton LaneMany SlatesHouse & Greenhouse Windows
House56 Fairholme, Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows
House58 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows
House59 Deighton LaneCurtainsWindows & Window Frame
House60 Deighton LaneMany SlatesWindows & Eaves Gutter
House61 Deighton LaneWindow
House63 Deighton LaneWindow
House2 Denison StreetMuch Damage – Tenant Away – Entry Impossible Windows
House4 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingsLock: Windows & Frame
House6 Denison StreetPlasterCellar Wall: Windows
House8 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterCeilingWindows & Frames: Locks
House10 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterCeilingsWindows & Frames: Lock
House12 Denison StreetWindows
House14 Denison StreetMany SlatesCeilingWindows: Lock
House16 Denison StreetLock: Windows
House18 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterCeilingsWindows & Frames: Lock
House20 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingWindows & Frames: Lock
House22 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingsWindows & Frames
House24 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterWindows & Frames: Lock
House29 Denison StreetSlightPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House31 Denison StreetSlightPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House33 Denison StreetSlightPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House35 Denison StreetSlates: PurlinsPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House37 Denison StreetSlightPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House39 Denison StreetSlightPlasterCeilingsDoors, Windows & Frames
House40 Denison StreetFlashingCeilings: CurtainsWindows & Frames: Doors
House41 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingsWindows
House42 Denison StreetFlashingCeilingsLocks: Fireplace: Windows
House43 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows
House44 Denison StreetMany Slates etcPlasterCeilingsDoors: Windows
House45 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows & Frames: Lock
House46 Denison StreetMany Slates etcCeilingPlinth: Windows & Frame. Doors
House47 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows
House48 Denison StreetCeilingFireplace: Locks: Windows
House49 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterCeilingsLock: Windows
House50 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows
House51 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows & Frame
House52 Denison StreetCeilingLock & Windows
House53 Denison StreetCeilingsPassage Wall: Windows
House54 Denison StreetMany SlatesCeilingLocks & Windows
House55 Denison StreetMany SlatesCeilingsWindows
House56 Denison StreetCeilingsLocks & Windows
House57 Denison StreetCeilingsDoor: Windows & Frames
House58 Denison StreetWindows
House59 Denison StreetPlasterPassage Wall: Windows
House60 Denison StreetWindow
House61 Denison StreetCeilingLock: Windows
House62 Denison StreetMany SlatesLocks & Window
House63 Denison StreetCeilingsWindows
House64 Denison StreetDoor & Windows
House65 Denison StreetMany SlatesPlasterWindows
House66 Denison StreetCeilingWindows
House67 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingWindows
House69 Denison StreetPlasterCeilingsLocks & Windows
House71 Denison StreetWindows
House73 Denison StreetMany SlatesCeilingWindows
House75 Denison StreetMany SlatesCeilingWindow
House77 Denison StreetMany SlatesWindow
House79 Denison StreetWindow
House & Shop81 Denison StreetShop & House Windows
31 Field LaneWindow
Garage (Paint Shop)Field LaneSlates
Council SchoolField Lane Window
Data extracted from West Yorkshire Archive Services Ref KMT1/Box42/TB227This is only a portion of the information contained. I have not included owners, occupiers, rateable value etc.

For Part 1 – A to B see here.
For Part 3 – G to J see here.
For Part 4 – K to N see here.
For Part 5 – O to P see here.
For Part 6 – Q to T see here.

1. In these cases more detailed house history research is required.
2. This building was on a different form where the only column relating to damage was “Indiction of Extent of Damage to Contents”. Other buildings on this form suffered complete destruction. It seems to be a form reserved for those buildings which suffered serious damage. In an earlier post about Batley’s First Air Raid it is noted that a two-storey Rag Warehouse off Bridge Street belonging to J. E. Etherington Ltd had a stock of wool destroyed. Bridge Street backs onto Caledonia Road, so the entry on this form may refer to that building.

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